How an Energy Upgrade Cured a Persistent Cough

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Jesse and Andrea Ibanez know a thing or two about houses. They are real estate agents with training in sustainable building practices and energy efficiency. So when Andrea developed a constant cough after moving into their house in Pacific Beach, they knew their living environment could be the cause.

"Something did not feel right," Andrea recalls. "I was suspicious that the age and condition of the house may be a factor."

The couple called an Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade participating contractor to conduct a home energy assessment. The assessment revealed leaks in the ducts and the home's shell, allowing attic and crawlspace dust to be drawn into the house. Air sealing and duct sealing, along with insulation, high-efficiency appliances and lighting and a tankless water heater, were recommended to address the couple's air quality problems and lower their energy bills.

"The energy assessment gave us peace of mind," Jesse said. "It showed us what could be done to immediately improve our home and health."

After completing their energy upgrades, Andrea no longer has her cough, and they spend less money on energy.

"Overall our home is a healthier environment with cleaner air and it is much more comfortable," Jesse said. "After the upgrades, we have noticed our energy bills are much lower because we rarely need to use the furnace."

To share their experience with the public, Jesse and Andrea are opening their home for free, educational tours. Visitors will get to talk with the homeowners and energy efficiency experts from CCSE.

Open for Tours

At 2344 Wilbur Ave, San Diego, CA 92109 - See Map


Chuck Colgan