If You Can See Your Breath Indoors, It's Time for an Energy Upgrade

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Mark Remy bought his 1960s era San Diego home in 2008 as a fixer-upper. But even after remodeling, with new windows, sliding doors, stucco, ceilings and more, it still wasn't as comfortable as he wanted.

"When I moved into my house, it was like camping out," Mark said. "In the winter, I could see my breath in the morning." He was also concerned about the safety of the natural gas-burning wall heater.

After attending a homeowner workshop at CCSE, Mark decided to get an assessment from an Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade participating contractor. The assessment revealed a total lack of insulation and lots of air leakage. It also gave him a clear plan to address his comfort and safety concerns.

Mark's contractor installed insulation in the attic, exterior walls and crawlspace. He also sealed the home's air leakage, upgraded the lighting and corrected the wall heater's drafting problems.

"I felt an immediate difference the day the air sealing was done and insulation was installed," Mark reports. "Now, on hot and cold days, temperatures in my house are much more consistent."

The public is invited to tour Mark's home on Saturday, February 1. Visitors will get to meet Mark and speak with his contractor and energy efficiency experts from CCSE.

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