Carlsbad Swim Center Solar Thermal Case Study

Waterworks Aquatics installed two solar thermal systems at their Carlsbad Swim Center on separate occasions to offset the cost of heating multiple indoor swimming pools. As a business whose operation revolves around heating pools, the solar thermal systems have greatly offset energy costs. The first system was installed at initial construction in 2011, and in order to offset more natural gas and save more money, another was installed three years later.

save money

Annual energy savings


conserve energy

Annual decrease
in GHG emissions

11 tons 

reduce greenhouse gases

Payback period

3.6 years with depreciation


Waterworks Aquatics’ latest solar thermal heating system qualified for a rebate of $13,118 and provides annual energy savings of nearly $1,500. These savings will pay back the entire cost of the system in less than four years. Owner Jon Alpert likes the systems so much he’s installed solar pool heating at four of his eight swim center locations.