Electric Rate Analyzer

Rates Last Updated: September 2015

How to use the Electric Rate Analyzer:

  1. Select whether you are or are not using an electric heater in your house.
  2. Select the climate zone where you live in San Diego. (View climate zone map)
  3. Enter your monthly electric energy usage (kWh) from your electric bill. SDG&E customers can download electrical consumption data online at https://energywave.sdge.com/.
  4. You can then review your current electrical usage by kilowatt hours and cost in the four tiers. The breakdowns can be viewed in the table and as a bar graph or pie chart.
  5. Use the PV System dial to approximate the impact of different sized solar panel systems.*

This Electric Rate Analyzer tool allows you to understand your current electric usage and rates and project how energy savings and solar power can lower your energy costs.

*The PV System was designed with average production numbers. PV System production can vary significantly based of the tilt and direction (azimuth) the panels are facing and whether any shading will occur. If you desire more information about going solar, you are encouraged to enroll in one of our Solar for Homeowners workshops. Topics include how to read your electric bill, net energy metering, utility rates, California Solar Initiative rebates, PV system sizing, the cost of going solar and more.