CVRP Rebate Statistics

This interactive graphical tool provides access to up-to-date data characterizing new-vehicle rebates issued by the Center for Sustainable Energy on behalf of the California Air Resource Board’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP).

This page provides users a variety of filters and display options that can be used to answer customized questions relating to the scale, timing and geographical distribution of rebates. It is designed to help increase the transparency of the CVRP and understanding of the dynamic California market for vehicles capable of zero tailpipe emissions. However, please note that not all plug-in hybrid, all-battery and fuel-cell electric vehicles sold/leased in the state are captured in the database. Not every eligible vehicle owner applies to the CVRP, and not every clean vehicle is eligible for the rebate.

Additional interactive features appear as you move your cursor over various parts of the page.

For questions about the data, contact Brett Williams, Senior Project Manager, Plug-In & Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle Initiatives.

Download the data in excel format: CVRP Current Data Set



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