Education is central to CCSE’s mission and is something we take very seriously in all of our initiatives. Energy literacy is important for all ages, so that individuals and communities can make smart energy choices at home and as consumers.

With more than 15 years of interdisciplinary energy experience, CCSE is uniquely qualified to provide practical, results-oriented educational programs that focus on real-world learning that empowers participants. Through these programs, CCSE has increased energy knowledge for hundreds of thousands of consumers, business owners, government officials, students and others throughout California via workshops, professional trainings, public forums and marketing campaigns.

  • Energy EducationOur approach is adaptive and hands-on, encouraging two-way communication and active engagement to help people “try on,” practice and eventually adopt clean energy behaviors or find green jobs.
  • Energy Upgrade California - CCSE informs and supports long-term brand and campaign development for the statewide energy efficiency education program.
  • Youth EducationIgniting a passion for sustainability among young people is key to solving the energy problems of today and tomorrow. We have operated youth education programs for more than 3½ years to empower teachers, administrators and students to make changes toward a clean energy future.

As part of our mission, we are committed to youth education and providing feedback and learnings "on the ground" to policymakers to help make future investments more effective. Unlike our program work, which is primarily funded by government and ratepayer initiatives, these efforts are funded through foundations and CCSE in-kind contributions.



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