Fleet and facility managers seek CSE’s expertise to consult on and manage projects involving advanced vehicle technologies and clean energy building systems. Our solutions focus not only on technologies, but also on effective change management, and driver training. We are uniquely suited to provide technical assistance, emissions calculations, facility assessments and university-certified trainings for fleets and facilities nationwide.

Failing to properly assess and manage clean vehicle fleet projects can result in missed opportunities for cost savings and even raise the cost of vehicle ownership by thousands of dollars over its service period.

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Failing to properly size and manage electric vehicle charging projects may cause fleets to miss opportunities for cost savings or even raise the total cost of ownership for an electric vehicle by up to $8,000.

Fleet Services

  • Vehicle Replacement Recommendations
    We analyze fleet composition and fuel use to recommend cost-saving strategies based on organizational priorities, capital and vehicle duty cycles. This service is available for small fleets and larger ones that procure hundreds of vehicles or more a year.
  • Emissions Reduction Analyses
    We evaluate fleet emissions inventories and identify opportunities to reduce annual greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions.
  • Green Fleet Driver Training
    We offer the nation’s only behind-the-wheel, university-certified fleet driver training program. The curriculum, developed by CSE and North Carolina State University, introduces driving behavior strategies that lead to fuel savings, increased efficiency, prolonged vehicle life, reduced emissions and increased safety.

Our instructors have helped hundreds of drivers improve their driving behaviors, with an average savings of 18% in fuel economy over pretraining driving records. Sessions also are available for managers so they can understand and reinforce safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques.

Facility Services

  • Electric Vehicle Charging for Facilities and Fleet Depots
    Deploying electric vehicles requires thorough planning to ensure that charging is available at fleet depots and worksites. CSE provides robust load management and infrastructure assessments that account for special needs such as panel or transformer upgrades, siting concerns and more.
  • Facility Energy Assessments
    CSE provides energy assessments to evaluate the potential for self-generation (solar), cogeneration (combined heat and power) and other energy solutions to be incorporated into a single facility or larger complex.

Service Overview

CSE is a nonprofit offering competitive pricing for industry-leading services. Costs are approximate. For more information and a detailed quote, contact us at (858) 429-5160 or email FleetServices@energycenter.org.