Green Career Adventure

The future is getting greener

The green sector of the economy is growing—and its future success requires more people trained in areas such as clean energy, energy efficiency and sustainable practices. The Green Career Adventure inspires interest in energy careers and new technologies by introducing high school students, teachers and counselors to the diverse spectrum of careers now available in green industries. The opportunities discussed range from jobs at entry levels through positions requiring highly skilled workers with advanced degrees. As a bonus, students are empowered to become advocates of smart energy management in their homes, schools and communities.

Real-world fun

Specially trained Green Career Adventure professionals arrive at high school classrooms with not only career profiles and their associated pay levels and educational requirements, but also with hands-on, fun activities that engage students with emerging technologies and new tools that most have never experienced before. The students get excited when they see and explore green building products, solar technologies, hydrogen fuel cell cars, infrared cameras and more.

Key highlights from the classroom

  • Pre-test administered online to assess the starting point of student knowledge
  • Introduction to the concept of an energy-smart home
  • Career brainstorming activities
  • Green career information (e.g., types of green jobs, education and certifications required)
  • Hands-on activities that bring careers to life (e.g., interaction with solar panels, infrared cameras, watt meters, green building materials, etc.)
  • Post-test administered online to assess impact of the curriculum
  • Among 1,000 students surveyed prior to instruction, 75% said they had never considered a green job for themselves and 40% said that they did not have a good idea about what career they wanted to pursue

Join in the adventure

Funding for the program comes from the generous support of our partners:

To continue our efforts, we need additional funding—and we invite your company or foundation to become a partner in helping us reach more students. Please join us today. We are currently seeking funding for a fourth year of local implementation, as well as funding to transform the curriculum for online distribution.

We are asking more partners to join us in implementing this highly successful Green Career Initiative. The time to educate students is now—they don't have to grow up to be able to have a positive impact on the environment.