Learn About Rebates

Important Note: Current funding for MASH is exhausted in the SDG&E territory. All previously waitlisted projects are required to follow the updated application process and submit additional documentation.

Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) Incentives

1C - $1.10/watt

1D - $1.80/watt

The MASH program provides fixed, up-front, capacity-based incentives for qualifying solar energy systems, using an expected performance-based buydown methodology. Incentives under Track 1 depend on the following:

  • 1C: A portion of the system offsets common area usage, non-VNM tenant load or VNM tenant load where tenant receives less than 50% of economic benefit of allocated generation.


  • 1D: VNM tenant load where the tenant receives at least 50% of economic benefit of allocated generation on a monthly basis for the life of the system or 20 years, whichever is less. 

Projects are eligible for both 1C and 1D incentives. The applicant will be able to input the percentage of the system allocated for 1C and 1D in PowerClerk.

How to apply

In most cases, your contractor will complete and submit all required documents and paperwork to CSE and local city agencies to process your rebate request. In addition to the MASH documents, your contractor may also assist you with the SDG&E Net Energy Metering and Interconnection Application.

In the event that your solar contractor is unable to submit the application on your behalf, follow the steps on the Application Process page to submit your own application.