Commercial Rate Analyzer

SDG&E Commercial Solar Rate Calculator

The general model for this analysis is designed to identify the net utility savings potential of various system sizes using various utility structures during the first year of generation system operation. This is accomplished by determining the before and after SDG&E utility costs for an electric meter and comparing the utility cost savings against the expected project costs for each meter.

Step 1: Select Your Current Tariff

Step 2: Use your online or paper bill to enter the following energy usage data

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Step 3: Adjust the PV System Size (kw AC) by scrolling or typing in the wheel

Estimated Costs prior to Solar ($/year):
Estimated Energy Generated from Solar (kWh/year):
Estimated Costs after Solar ($/year):
Estimated Annual Utility Savings ($/year):
Savings ($/kWh):

*Annual Savings per Production, relevant for negotiating third-party contracts, may increase or decrease inversely proportional to system sizes; however, Total Annual Savings (associated with cash purchases) will always increase or decrease directly proportional to system sizes.

CSE does not model any demand savings related to the production from PV. While there will be some demand savings associated with PV system’s performance, it is heavily dependent on how weather conditions coincide with peak energy consumption. Actual savings will vary depending on actual consumption, actual system production, and any modifications made to utility tariff pricing.