Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will the next CSI-Thermal Contractor Eligibility Workshop be held?

    You may register for the next contractor workshop in SDG&E territory by visiting our Upcoming Events page. These workshops are held every other month to give contractors and self-installers the opportunity to participate in the CSI Thermal Program. If you are working in another service territory or wish to attend a class on a different date, you may check out the event listings of Pacific Gas and Electric and Southern California Gas. 
  2. What if I work in multiple service territories?

    Attending a CSI-Thermal Contractor Eligibility Workshop in one service territory will allow you to operate and apply for rebates in all participating service territories (SDG&E, PGE, SCG, & SCE).

    Each program administrator can only view and process applications for their own service territory. Please contact the applicable PA for specific application questions (CSE for SDG&E, PGE, SCG, or SCE).

    Pacific Gas and Electric
    Phone: (877) 743-4112

    Southern California Gas Company
    Phone: (800) GAS-2000

    Southern California Edison
    Phone: (800) 799-4177

  3. How long does it take to receive a rebate?

    Once the application is approved and the inspection completed (if necessary), the check will be mailed to the Payee indicated on the Incentive Claim Form within 30 days.
  4. Are self-installations eligible for a rebate through the CSI-Thermal Program?

    Yes. Self-installers are eligible for a CSI-Thermal rebate if they meet the definition of a Host Customer. Self-installers are required to attend the same workshop as contractors to participate in the program. Learn more.
  5. Is a permit required for solar pool heating systems?

    A permit from the local building department is required for all applications submitted to the CSI-Thermal program. If a jurisdiction does not issue a building permit for solar pool heating system installations, please provide a letter from the department indicating that a permit is not required.

    Please Note: In Southern California, solar pool heating systems must receive a permit from the local county Department of Environmental Health and Safety. 
  6. Who do I contact if I’m having technical trouble with the application database,

    For technical support with, please contact Energy Solutions at or call (888) 323-3133. For program related questions, please contact the program administrator for the correct service territory.
  7. How do step changes work?

    The CSI-Thermal Program has a step down rebate structure. For single family residential and multifamily/commercial natural gas displacing systems there is a specific budget allocated to each step by customer class and service territory. For these two customer classes, once the allocated budget for that step has been reached, then that customer class will move down to the next step in that service territory.

    The low-income program works differently as it follows the general market sectors of the CSI-Thermal Program. There are no step budget allocations for the low income program. Multifamily low-income will only move down to the next step when the multifamily/commercial general market program has reached its maximum step budget. You can see the current status of the step budget allocations at and can see all step budget allocations in CPUC Decision 15-01-035.