San Diego International Airport Clean Vehicle Conversion Program

Throughout the U.S., alternative fuel vehicles are replacing diesel- and gas-powered cabs and shuttles at major airports. The San Diego Regional Airport Authority is working to convert all commercial ground transportation operators at San Diego International Airport to clean vehicles, including hybrid, electric, biodiesel, propane and compressed natural gas vehicles.

By transitioning ground transportation to clean vehicles, drivers and fleet owners can help curb emissions, decrease fuel costs and reduce dependence on imported oil.

CSE is partnering with the Airport Authority to help inform ground transportation operators on how to make the best choices for their vehicles and fleets. We will be hosting vehicle demonstrations and educational seminars on vehicle eligibility, financing packages, infrastructure availability and more.

Check back here soon for events, dates and details on how your operations can go green.

Did You Know?
Permit fees for non-clean air vehicles at San Diego Airport will be increasing starting July 2014, so now is a good time to start making a switch.

Considering a clean vehicle & need more information?
Contact: Kevin Wood at 858-244-7295 or


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