Clean Vehicle Rebate Project gets “Environmentally Sexy”

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CCSE’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project team joined Fiat USA on a six-week tour up and down the electric vehicle-friendly state of California. While team members spoke to excited car enthusiasts about the available state incentives, Fiat promoted its “environmentally sexy,” all new, all-electric 500e, currently available only in California.

The Fiat 500e tour held test-drives at 24 businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles and San Diego County. According to Michael Buttery, a CCSE outreach associate, with each test drive, misconceptions began to melt away as people discovered how surprisingly quick and responsive the small car is on the road. With a driving range of 87 miles per charge, buyers can lease the 500e for $999 due at signing and $199 a month for 36 months.

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Nick Gudger of San Diego commented after taking a test drive, “When I first heard about electric vehicles, all I could think about were golf carts putting around the city. I was shocked at how quickly the Fiat took off! They have a lot of pep and handle very well.”

Visit the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project to learn more about the Fiat 500e, see other cars eligible for rebates and get a better understanding of what it’s like to drive electric.

Chuck Colgan