Energy-Efficient Home in Oceanside Open for Tours

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Energy-efficient home in Oceanside, CA

Even a mild Oceanside winter can make a home uncomfortable if it's not properly insulated and sealed. That's what Mark and Jenny Zajac discovered after purchasing their 1970s split-level home last year.

"It was quite drafty and we had to use space heaters in our son's bedroom and in our home office," Jenny recalled. She said the summer was no better, reporting the house would get up to over 90 degrees.

The couple called an Energy Upgrade CaliforniaTM Home Upgrade participating contractor, who sealed the home's air leakage and installed insulation in the attic, walls and crawlspace. Other upgrades included new ducts, a tankless water heater and dual-pane windows.

Saving Energy, Gaining Comfort

The improvements are projected to reduce the couple's annual energy use by 45% and have already drastically changed the comfort level in the home.

"The air sealing and new windows have eliminated the drafts, and the insulation keeps the temperature consistent throughout the house," Mark said.

Adding to their comfort is the $4,500 rebate the couple received through the Home Upgrade program.

The public will have a chance to tour the home on three upcoming Saturdays. Visitors will learn about energy upgrades from the homeowners and CCSE experts.

Open for Tours

At 3941 Shenandoah Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056 See map

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