CSE CSI-Thermal Low Income Wait List Process

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal low income incentive program in San Diego Gas & Electric service territory (administered by CSE) will soon exhaust the remaining incentive funds.  Consequently, CSE cannot guarantee that unreserved low income solar water heating (SWH) projects will receive incentives in the future.  

However, CSE still encourages customers to apply for a CSI-Thermal rebate.  All new applications received after April 3, 2014 for single family or multifamily low income SWH systems will be placed onto the Wait List. Wait listed projects may still have an opportunity to receive an incentive if previously reserved projects drop out of the Program.

CSE will diligently track due dates of previously reserved projects and maintain their progress through the application process.  If these projects do not meet the designated timelines, they will drop out of the CSI-Thermal Program, and the reserved funds will be reallocated to the wait listed projects in the order received. 

For CSI-Thermal projects that have already received their confirmed reservation, no system size increases will be incentivized. Any additions to the system size must be documented and submitted to CSE during the Incentive Claim stage.  This also applies to projects placed on the Wait List that are later confirmed. The system size that is submitted at the initial reservation request will be the maximum amount that will be incentivized.

If a wait listed project chooses to cancel their application, please contact CSE to be removed from the Wait List at 858-244-1177 or at swh@energycenter.org.

Each column of the Wait List shows the following information: application number, ranking, and date and time of submittal. 

  • Application Number – the number a completed application receives after it has been submitted online i.e. SDG-XXXXXX.
  • Ranking – the position of each project on the wait list based on the date and time of submittal.  For example, the project with the #1 ranking will be the first project to receive an incentive reservation when a previously reserved project drops out of CSE’s Residential CSI program.
  • Date of Submittal – the date that the project application was received online through the CSI-Thermal database.  This is an extremely important number because it is the defining criteria for chronologically ranking projects on the Wait List.

Wait List Process

All unreserved project applications received will be placed onto the Wait List. Wait List procedures are as follows:

  1. Applicant completes and submits the CSI-Thermal application online. All required documents must be attached and all sections of the application must be filled out via the CSI-Thermal application database.
  2. Applicant will receive a CSI-Thermal application number and the project will be placed into the status “Wait List”. The project rankings on the Wait List are updated weekly.
  3. CSE will review the highest ranked Wait List project application as funding becomes available. Applications that do not have all required and correct documentation will be suspended, whereupon they will have 20 days to submit the requested information.  If this documentation is not submitted correctly within 20 days, the application will be cancelled and removed from the Wait List. All suspension timelines will be strictly enforced and extensions will only be allowed under special circumstances.
  4. Upon approval of the application, the project will receive its initial reservation.