Locate Provider

Acquiring a PEV

Check with local dealers for PEV models available in your area. There is a comprehensive list of other resources at DriveClean.ca.gov. You will find a list of rebate-eligible vehicles at the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project website. 

Explore our list of tips and best practices to learn more about connecting with a contractor.

Home Energy Efficiency

Go to Energy Upgrade CaliforniaTM Home Upgrade and enter your ZIP code to locate a participating home performance contractor. 

Acquiring Solar

Refer to California Solar Statistics for a listing of rebate-eligible solar contractors in your area. You will find contact information, number of projects completed in your area and average cost/watt charged. Also, check with the California State License Board to verify license holdings and complaint history. To install solar in California, a contractor must have an A, B, C-10 or C-46 license.