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Research and Reports

CSE provides timely research and reports to inform clean energy policies and regulation.

See our research and reports on:

Clean Transportation
CSE’s extensive experience implementing clean transportation programs provides insight into consumer behavior and real-time data on the deployment of alternative vehicle technologies throughout California. Our research and reports, along with participation in regulatory proceedings and legislative hearings, provide policymakers and regulators important feedback regarding the development and implementation of sound clean transportation policies.

Needs Assessment for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Training in California December 2013
California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Owner Survey May 2013
July 2013 Survey Infographic
California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Owner Survey July 2012
May 2012 Survey Infographic-Demographics
May 2012 Survey Infographic-Motivations

Energy Efficiency/Building Performance (EE/BP)
CSE provides thought leadership on EE/BP policy in California in efforts to help the state meet its ambitious energy goals by informing policymakers on the impact of programs and policies on the consumer and the overall marketplace. In regulatory proceedings, legislative hearings and regional forums, CSE represents the voices of contractors, local governments, nonprofit organizations and consumers, providing a much-needed feedback loop for policymakers to understand the experiences of these vital stakeholders.

Zero Net Energy Roadmap for Local Governments
Home Energy Upgrade Potential Map – San Diego Region

Distributed Generation/Renewable Energy (DG/RE)
CSE has gained extensive experience with DG/RE programs as administrators of DG/RE programs under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission since 2001. This involvement enables us to provide policymakers and regulators much-needed, objective feedback with insight as to how DG/RE policies and programs are working to affect the marketplace and how these policies and programs may be improved and integrated to facilitate greater adoption of DG/RE technologies.

Natural Gas as a Bridge Fuel – Measuring the Bridge
Community Solar in California
Energy Efficiency Motivations and Actions of California Solar Homeowners
Distributed Generation Solar in California: Framework for Policy and Regulatory Oversight in the Post-California Solar Initiative Era
SEEDS Market Characterization Presentation (Report in Process)
Solar PV Retrofits in Multifamily Affordable Housing: Impacts of Virtual Net Metering and MASH Incentives on Project Economics

Clean Energy/Clean Tech Workforce
CSE believes that a strong, low-carbon economy produces business opportunities, abundant jobs and a high quality of life in addition to a clean, healthy environment. We work with a variety of partners and government agencies to assess needs and deliver a trained workforce in the clean energy and clean tech sectors.

Clean Energy/Clean Tech Workforce Needs Assessment and Strategy for the Los Angeles Region (6/14)

Local Governments Resources
At the state and local level, CSE works to reduce barriers and increase capacity for efficient and renewable energy solutions through connecting and engaging stakeholders, influencing policy and regulation, educating and reaching out to people, analyzing and advising and administering and implementing programs.

  • Southern California Rooftop Solar Challenge - Guides for solar in Southern California cities and counties:

Chula Vista
City of Los Angeles
County of Los Angeles
Long Beach
Palm Desert
San Diego
Santa Ana
Santa Monica

Southern California Solar Finance Guide
Residential and Commercial PACE Financing in California (PACE = property accessed clean energy)
Interconnection Processes Best Practices
Interconnection Standards Best Practices
Permitting Best Practices
2014 California Solar Permitting Guidebook
Sharing Success: Emerging Approaches to Efficient Rooftop Solar Permitting
Streamlining Solar Standards and Processes



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