California Clean Cab Partnership

The California Clean Cab Partnership is a network of regional transportation stakeholders committed to advancing the use of alternative and clean vehicles by taxi fleets. Greening urban taxis—vehicles that often log 100,000+ miles per year—reduces carbon and air pollution emissions, saves fuel and provides highly visible examples of clean vehicle technologies on the road.

In San Francisco, a state and national leader in clean taxi adoption, there are now more than 1,400 hybrid and alternative fuel taxis in operation. This greening of their taxi fleet reduces carbon emissions by 35,000 tons per year—the single largest reduction accomplished by the city and greater than all other activities undertaken combined.

In San Diego, an airport clean cab program resulted in a 30% adoption rate of clean cabs among all cabs serving the airport in just 10 months. In Los Angeles, some 700 green taxis are in operation in only the second year of a five-year program to promote their use—about 40% of the goal of 1,700 clean cabs by 2015.

The California Clean Cab Partnership works toward clean vehicle advancement and includes taxis owners and associations, municipal taxi regulators, airport permitting officials, clean vehicle advocates, dealers and manufacturers.

Program at a Glance