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Fleet Consulting

The County of San Diego is one of the largest fleet operators in the region with more than 3,200 vehicles and more than 3 million gallons of fuel consumed annually. The Center for Sustainable Energy is working with San Diego County to accelerate adoption of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, to reduce fueling and maintenance costs and to develop industry partnerships.

Consulting services include

  • Evaluating alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles for fleet use, including compressed natural gas, propane, biofuels, hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles
  • Analyzing current fleet turnover, funding opportunities and industry partnerships for additional vehicle replacement
  • Studying infrastructure requirements to support alternative-fuel vehicles
  • Developing nonfuel-related efficiency improvements including driver training, idle reduction and maintenance measures
  • Demonstration programs to evaluate vehicle performance in real-life duty cycles

For information on how to green your fleet, contact Kevin Wood at or call (858) 244-7295.


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