San Diego Regional Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Readiness Implementation

Plug-in SD Program

The San Diego regional plan addresses barriers to PEV adoption and deployment of electric vehicle infrastructure through best practices and recommendations. Plug-in SD will help develop a regionally consistent, streamlined process for permitting and installation of residential and commercial electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS), assist with EVCS siting and increase awareness of PEVs and EVCS. A regional EV expert will be available to provide direct technical assistance to municipalities and other EVCS stakeholders through outreach and education. For more information, please see the Plug-in SD fact sheet.

Program Activities

  • Establish a regional EV expert to offer in-person EV consultations and technical assistance via phone and email
  • Provide training and education to local government staff and officials on EVCS permitting and inspection processes
  • Create and distribute informational materials such as EVCS installation checklists and permitting correction lists
  • Develop jurisdiction-specific solutions and report on latest best practices available using relevant local resources
  • Coordinate with contractors, inspectors and end users to improve EVCS installation processes
  • Increase awareness of PEVs and EVCS through new car dealers and workplace promotion
  • Promote EV expert technical assistance and resources for EVCS siting at multiunit dwellings

For technical assistance or to schedule an EV Expert Consultation, please contact the EV Expert at or call 866-967-5816.

Consult our EV Expert FAQ page for additional questions.