Summary of CVRP Rebate Eligibility and Funding Availability Over Time

A fact sheet which details changes in Clean Vehicle Rebate Project rebate amounts, consumer-income eligibility criteria, and program funding availability over time.

  November 2018

Presentation: Cost-Effectively Targeting EV Outreach and Incentives to “Rebate-Essential” Consumers

Presentation given at the 31st International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS31) that explores which consumers are most influenced by supportive resources (e.g., incentives and outreach) to buy/lease an EV. This presentation aims to inform strategy for public and private investments that increase awareness and adoption to minimize free-ridership and reach “rebate-essential” consumers.

  October 2018

California Benchmarking Collaborative Comments On AB 802 Benchmarking Express Terms

The Collaborative strongly supports AB 802 and the Energy Commission’s proposed regulations for a statewide, time-certain benchmarking and transparency program. These comments build upon the recommendations provided in public comments filed by the Collaborative on December 22, 2015; April 14, 2016; and August 12, 2016. In these comments, we: 1. Strongly support the proposed regulations posted to the 15-OIR-05 Docket Log February 23, 2017; 2. Offer recommendations for enriching implementation of the statewide benchmarking program; 3. Urge the Energy Commission to begin education and outreach for the statewide benchmarking program immediately.

  August 2018

California Latino Households and Energy Efficiency Upgrades

The final report summarizing CSE’s California Energy Commission-funded research project to identify how energy efficiency programs can better serve Latino households.

  August 2018

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® Reference Guide for Building Benchmarking

Step-by-step guide to get started benchmarking your building using ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®

  August 2018

California Benchmarking Collaborative Comments: On Rulemaking Scoping Questions for Building Use Benchmarking

The Collaborative strongly supports AB 802 and the Energy Commission’s development of implementing rules for a statewide, time‐certain benchmarking and transparency program. In these comments we: 1. Provide recommendations on utility delivery of usage information —both whole‐building and by tenant‐unit – to building owners (or agents); 2. Emphasize the importance of energy benchmarking and transparency in promoting market transformation; 3. Emphasize the value of California standards that are in alignment with national best practices;   4. Highlight best practices for building owner, manager, and tenant engagement by the Energy Commission and utilities so that benchmarking information is available to market participants; and 5. Recommend making certain building energy data and benchmarking scores publicly available.

  August 2018

Drive EverGreen 2.0 Incentive Program: Final Evaluation Report

Sonoma Clean Power, a community choice electricity provider in Northern California, contracted with the Center for Sustainable Energy to administer the second iteration of an incentive program (Drive EverGreen) that supports electric vehicle adoption in Sonoma County. This evaluation report summarizes Drive EverGreen 2.0, which ran from 8/8/2017 through 11/30/2017, including evaluation activities and recommendations to inform future programs.

  July 2018

Presentation: "Electric Vehicle Rebates: Exploring Indicators of Impact in Four States"

This presentation was delivered as part of a “Lighting Talk” at the EV Roadmap 11 Conference in Portland, Oregon. An exploration of the impact of four statewide rebate programs for clean-vehicle adoption: Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP); Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV); Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR); and Drive Clean by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Outcomes include the profiles of rebate consumers, how the rebates influenced consumer behavior, and what the impacts are on the market of electric vehicles.

  June 2018

Update: "California’s Electric Vehicle Rebates: Exploring Impact"

A preliminary exploration of the impact of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), a statewide rebate program for clean-vehicle adoption. Outcomes include the rate at which rebated vehicles are replacing household vehicles, and the importance of the CVRP in making it possible for participants to acquire an electric vehicle.

  June 2018

Tailoring the Solar Permitting Process to Match Stakeholder Preferences

The Center for Sustainable Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory hosted a webinar to share a new joint project aimed at systematically designing “mass customized” streamlined solar permitting practice combinations that suit different types of building departments, PV installers, and utilities while also reducing the uncertainty and delays associated with the full interconnection of rooftop PV systems.

  April 2018