Petition for Modification of Decisions to Address California Solar Initiative General Market Program Budget

Petition for Modification of Decisions D.10‐09‐046, D.08‐10‐036, D.11‐07‐031 and D.06‐08‐028. The petition seeks to ensure the California Solar Initiative general market program funds are appropriately distributed and allow greater access to a larger percentage of megawatts.

  August 2012

Joint comments Regarding the Incentive Structure of the CSI Thermal Program

Joint comments of the Center for Sustainable Energy, Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Southern California Gas Company regarding the proposed modified decision of President Peevey to provide increased incentives in the early steps of the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program.

  July 2012

Streamlining Solar Standards and Processes Southern California Rooftop Solar Challenge

The document maps the solar policies and procedures that currently exist for jurisdictions and utilities in the Southern California Rooftop Solar Challenge team.

  June 2012

Comments on Proposed Decision Regarding Calculation of the Net Energy Metering Cap

Comments in support of the California Legislature’s finding and declaration in Public Utilities Code Section 2827(a) that Net Energy Metering “is one way to encourage substantial private investment in renewable energy resources..."

  May 2012

Sharing Success: Emerging Approaches to Efficient Rooftop Solar Permitting

This report serves as both a vehicle for discussion of rooftop permitting challenges, and a source of inspiration for those looking for realistic and effective ways to improve solar permitting in their communities.

  May 2012

2011 CSE Annual Report

The year 2011 marks the 15th anniversary of the California Center for Sustainable Energy. Although this is a relatively short period of time, we are taking this opportunity to celebrate the many ways CCSE has grown to be a partner with governments, industry, businesses, utilities and others in accelerating the adoption of clean and efficient energy solutions.

  December 2011

Solar PV Retrofits in Multifamily Affordable Housing Report

Impacts of virtual net metering and Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing incentives on project economics.

  July 2011

SunShot Initiative - Rooftop Solar Challenge

Through the Rooftop Solar Challenge (RSC), a component of the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, we are working with local governments, industry stakeholders and utilities to help make solar energy fully cost-competitive with traditional energy sources before 2020.

  June 2011

Pacific Power California Solar Incentive Program

In 2011, CSE began helping Californians in the northernmost areas of the state to go solar through the Pacific Power California Solar Incentive Program (PPCSIP), under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

  January 2011

2010 CSE Annual Report

This past year, CCSE has extended its geographic scope and expanded our focus in ways that will truly help to achieve wider integration of wise energy use into every aspect of our daily lives.

  December 2010


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