HVAC Permit Compliance & Financing Pilots Program

CSE is working with Los Angeles County officials to improve reporting through an HVAC Permit Compliance and Financing Pilot program funded by the California Energy Commission.

  June 2013

Joint Implementation Plan of CSE, PG&E, and SoCalGas to Incorporate Solar Heating Pool Systems into the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program

Joint plan proposing implementation of a solar pool heating system incentive program.

  May 2013

Reply Comments on the Energy Upgrade California's 2013‐2014 Marketing Plan

Reply comments on the Energy Upgrade California 2013‐2014 Marketing Plan, specifically, towards issues related to governance, metrics, budget, our additional three proposed qualitative metrics and local relationships and program coordination in the marketing strategy.  

  April 2013

Home Energy Efficiency Video

Home energy upgrades – when done right – can reduce wasted energy, lower your utility bills and ensure a comfortable, healthful and safe living environment.

  April 2013

Energy Upgrade California 2013‐2014 Marketing Plan Submission to CPUC

The submission of CSE's Energy Upgrade California Marketing Plan to the California Public Utilities Commission in the ongoing proceeding, A.12‐08‐007, et al.

  March 2013

Reply Comments on Scoping Memo and Ruling Of Assigned Commissioner and Administrative Law Judge

Comments on the future of the Flex Alert program to ensure the reliable provision of energy services to southern California.

  February 2013

Energy Upgrade California Program

CSE implements the statewide marketing, education and outreach strategy of Energy Upgrade California® that helps Californians take action to save energy, conserve natural resources, reduce demand on the electricity grid, and make informed energy management choices at home and at work.

  January 2013

Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade Program

Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade connects homeowners with contractors specially trained in energy efficiency and provides rebates for home energy improvements.

  January 2013

San Diego Regional Energy Partnership Program

On behalf of the San Diego Regional Energy Partnership (SDREP), CSE conducts education and outreach to local government staff, home performance contractors and the real estate industry.

  January 2013

HVAC Permit Compliance Best Practices Report for Local Jurisdictions

Residential HVAC Permit Compliance Fact Sheet. CSE consulted with building department officials across Southern California to identify best practices for improving residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) permit compliance.

  January 2013


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