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Solar Water Heating Offers Energy and Cost Savings for Multitenant Property Owners and Occupants

Higher California Solar Initiative rebates provide a greater value proposition

Owners and managers of multitenant housing developments know that each resident’s shower, load of laundry and sink full of dishes adds to the cost of heating water on their property’s ever-increasing utility bills.

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Take Charge of Your Energy with On-Site Power

Self-generation systems offer sizable utility cost savings

With high and rising electricity prices in San Diego County, many local businesses are turning to distributed energy generation to help lower utility costs while greening their facilities and reducing their carbon footprint.

Originally published April 20, 2015, in the San Diego Business Journal special section “Sustainable San Diego.”

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Workshop Explores Energy Storage for Business & Government

The financial advantages and energy savings of electrical battery storage for businesses, government agencies and industrial operations will be examined during a free half-day workshop sponsored by the CSE on Thursday, Nov. 20.

The commercial use of on-site electrical storage is gaining widespread attention in California with the support of recent state legislation mandating its use and an increased availability of substantial rebates.

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