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A room with a view – and unbearably hot summers

Beth and Paul's beautiful La Mesa home used to have one major problem. "The living room was unbearable in the summer," says Beth. "It felt like you could cook a chicken in there.” Their floor-to-ceiling, west-facing windows were partly to blame, but there was more to the story.

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Vintage 1920s home goes energy-efficient

Is an 87-year-old home destined to be drafty? Shirley of North Park knows the answer is no. After enduring 13 chilly winters, she decided to make her living environment more comfortable.

“Inside this 1920s vintage house it was extremely cold in the winter and I had to wear heavy sweaters most of the time and use extra blankets,” Shirley recalls. "The bathroom was so cold that I would run a space heater in there before taking a shower.”

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Your SDG&E bill’s clues to your big energy users

Looking for ways to lower your energy bills?  Understanding the numbers and graphs on your bill can help you determine your home's biggest energy users.  This article is specifically written for San Diego Gas & Electric customers, but many of the lessons are useful to any energy utility customer.

Seasonal vs. baseload

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