Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) Toolkit Guide

This toolkit is intended for use by city and county staff for review of electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) installations. The applicant for an EVCS installation must first obtain a building permit and complete the forms listed in the checklists. The installation checklist provides detailed information on phases from planning for EVCSs to execution and inspection.

  1. Checklist for Residential and Nonresidential Permit Application

The checklists are one page reference sheets to ensure proper EVCS installation. Submittal and documentation requirements are also clearly listed in the checklists. Required by AB1236, this checklist is a guide for permit applicants. These checklists are in the public domain, and may be used or modified for individual jurisdictions as seen fit for a specific jurisdiction to post on their corresponding website.

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  1. Plan Review and Permit Correction Sheet for Residential and Nonresidential EVCS

The correction sheets provide code references and detailed guidance for both residential and nonresidential EVCS installations. These correction sheets may be used alongside the permit application checklists listed above.

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  1.  Installation Checklist for Residential and Nonresidential EVCS

The installation checklists are comprehensive documents intended for use by installers, developers, and electrical contractors. The checklists include step-by-step guidance from pre-installation work to coordination with the local utility and jurisdiction.

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