CCSE & CalCERTS to Expand Building & Home Performance Training

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Effort to help increase energy efficiency of California homes and buildings

CCSE and CalCERTS, Inc. have entered into a partnership agreement to provide training for building science professionals and contractors in the San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego regions.

The training supports programs statewide to help homeowners and building owners understand and identify the most cost-effective and appropriate energy efficiency improvements. Residences and commercial buildings in the state account for about 65 percent of California’s total electrical consumption.

Both CalCERTS and CCSE have extensive experience providing building performance training and certification to hundreds of contractors, raters and other industry professionals. According to Jack Clark, CCSE director of programs, it is essential for California to develop a more inclusive approach to adopting energy efficiency technologies, applications and principles in our existing building stock.

Improving How Energy is Used

“It is imperative that we support current and aspiring building performance professionals through workforce development and technical assistance as we move forward with new building standards, codes and legislation requiring greater energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions,” Clark said. “CCSE is excited to be partnering with CalCERTS in helping train individuals to improve how energy is used in California homes and buildings.”

Building performance professionals inspect, test and evaluate energy features, prepare energy assessments and make improvements that allow homeowners and building owners to save energy and money. They also work with local building department officials to ensure compliance with California’s Title 24 building energy-efficiency codes and standards.

Starting in fall 2013, CCSE and CalCERTS will provide classes in the areas of energy verification and diagnostic testing and whole house and building performance training taught by experts in building sciences. Further information about the training program is available at

Transforming the Workforce

CalCERTS and CCSE seek to transform the existing and entry level workforce knowledge, skills and abilities through standardized workforce education and field training programs. CalCERTS is proud to partner with CCSE to continue efforts to improve the clean energy workforce, according to Barbara Hernesman, CalCERTS director of workforce development.

“Pooling our resources and efforts is the next logical step for these two innovative and successful organizations. Clean energy workforce training partnerships are an effective model that CalCERTS and CCSE believe in and will continue to embrace in the future,” Hernesman said.