CPUC Approves PG&E Plan for 7,500 EV Chargers

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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has announced its continuing support of electric transportation by allowing Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to deploy infrastructure to support up to 7,500 electric vehicle charging ports in northern and central California at workplaces, disadvantaged communities and multi-unit dwellings.

In a decision made Dec. 15, the CPUC provided guidance and direction to PG&E for its electric vehicle infrastructure and education pilot program, which is capped at $130 million for Phase 1. The decision allows PG&E to own up to 35 percent of the total charging ports deployed in the program in multi-unit dwellings and disadvantaged communities. It also approves a time-of-use charging rate that site hosts may choose to utilize.

The decision stemmed from a settlement agreement proposed by Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Honda, Center for Sustainable Energy, Coalition of California Utility Employees, General Motors, Greenlining, Greenlots, Marin Clean Energy, Natural Resources Defense Council, PG&E, Plug In America, Sierra Club and Sonoma Clean Power.

“This program provides a hybrid ownership model whereby the site host has flexibility to choose to own the electric vehicle charging equipment or have PG&E install, own, and operate all the equipment,” said CPUC Commissioner Carla J. Peterman. “Our decision today strikes a good balance between consumer benefits and the promotion of competition in the electric vehicle infrastructure marketplace.”

PG&E must work with local planning agencies and meet a number of site selection criteria when choosing and developing sites. An advisory committee was established to assist with implementation along with quarterly reporting, parameters for data collection, and evaluation criteria.

Electric vehicle programs for Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric to deploy approximately 5,000 EV charging stations were approved by the CPUC earlier this year.

Chuck Colgan