Hering Tapped for Advisory Board by Center for Climate and Security

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CSE Executive Director Len Hering, RADM, USN (ret.), has been selected to serve on the advisory board of the Center for Climate and Security (CCS), a nonpartisan security and foreign policy institute based in Washington, D.C. The nonprofit organization promotes policy and action to address ways to provide the world with international security while dealing with the threats from global climate change.

In addition to publishing policy papers and providing analysis, CCS staff and advisors write for various publications and are cited regularly in mainstream and niche media outlets, as well as academic publications and public testimonies.

“Geopolitical instability is the single greatest issue that the world needs to face. Regions in northeast Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and India and throughout the Pacific Rim are impacted by climate change, extreme weather events, sea-level rise and surges, droughts, desertification and flooding,” Hering said. “Coupled with the current massive population explosion—increasing at about 7 million people per month—migration and unstable conditions create tremendous potential sources of conflict.”

Chuck Colgan