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CSE to help run new California program benefiting low-income tenants

It’s an understatement to say CSE is proud to be a central part of the administrative partnership for California’s new Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program.

Value proposition for solar power has never been higher

Generating your own electricity with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels works anywhere in the U.S. year-round. There’s plenty of sunshine for PV, even in winter, although at a slightly lower production level. Germany leads the world in solar power output and it doesn’t have a sunny climate. Its solar radiation is about the same as Alaska’s.

Long-term cost savings and readily available rebates add to value

In hotels, condos, apartments and dormitories, each shower, load of laundry and sink full of dishes adds to the property’s utility bills. Heating water is one of the highest operating costs for multitenant property owners.

Understanding the Added Value

The proliferation of rooftop solar energy systems on San Diego County homes in the past decade has been a bonanza for the solar industry, but as a growing number of these homes come on the local real estate market, it presents new challenges and opportu

Ben Hoen of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Speaks at Seminar

San Diego real estate agents learned tips for selling homes with solar energy systems during a seminar held at CSE on Monday, June 13.

Rebates and lower utility bills attract a wide range of pool owners

Warm spring days mean the return of swim season in San Diego as people flock to pools at apartment buildings, homeowner associations, schools, swim clubs, hotels and elsewhere.

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