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Understanding the “cost-effectiveness” of a clean energy future

Contributor: Sumeeta Ghai

Originally published in the San Diego Business Journal, Feb. 1, 2016.

New rules lead the country in statewide benchmarking & transparency

In the late hours of the last day of the legislative session on Sept. 11, the California legislature passed Assembly Bill 802, a critical energy efficiency bill.

Policies & technologies critical to the economics of sustainable energy

Recently, CSE and the Climate Action Campaign hosted a Clean Energy Forum for elected officials, senior government staff, industry leaders and community stakeholders to discuss pathways to a clean energy future in the San Diego region.

Helping Calif. cities save water & energy to meet climate action plans

You know how many miles per gallon you can drive in your car, and you can read the ingredient labels on your food, but I’ll bet that you don’t know how much energy and water are being consumed in the buildings where you work, live, shop and recreate.

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