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How much time are commuters delayed in traffic?

A major concern for San Diegans is traffic. No one likes to sit in their car stalled on the freeway. It takes away from being with friends and family, causes unneeded stress and can even affect our health. After all, didn’t many of us move to San Diego so that we didn’t have to drive in L.A. or Orange counties?

How does San Diego compare to other regions?

The average San Diegan disposes of 5.5 pounds of trash per day, which does not include what goes into the recycle or green waste bin. How does that compare to other regions? San Diego continues to dispose of more waste per capita than the state average at 4.9 pounds of trash per person per day and more than other major urban California counties, including Los Angeles.

Lobby4Good workshop provides pieces of the puzzle for creating change

What do you care about? Maybe it’s social justice issues, the environment, homelessness or any of the other myriad worthy causes out there. Although we all are concerned about such issues, talk about them, post about them – how do we really make a difference? How do we create systemic change?

The world’s largest solar-powered computer, a solar plant that runs at night, the world’s tallest solar water system and a tuk tuk that runs on sunlight

With solar energy use increasing worldwide and the U.S. reaching 1 million solar systems nationwide this month, it’s hard to to keep up on the latest industry news and innovations. That’s why we are turning on the Solar Tech Spotlight to share with you the newest and most exciting developments.

Happy National Bike to Work Day! Many CSE team members along with thousands of San Diegans throughout the county woke up early this morning to ride their bicycles rather than driving to work.

Today’s 120th Boston Marathon is the culmination of months, and in some cases, years of dedication to training and a commitment by thousands of athletes to complete what is arguably the ultimate goal in the running world.