Contractors: How to Participate in Cool Comfort Financing

Interested contractors that meet the eligibility criteria above must complete the following:

CSE will review the Cool Comfort Financing Participation Agreement and ensure the contractor is in good standing with one of the programs mentioned above. Once approved, CSE will let the contractor know the business’s name has been added to the Cool Comfort Financing Participating Contractors list.

At this point you are ready to offer Cool Comfort Financing to homeowners! You and your homeowners can download the Financing Application Packet* and get started.

Contact Marissa Spata with any participating contractor questions at 858-737-1584. Contact The Energy Network with any loan application questions at 877-785-2237.

Are you a homeowner interested in getting started?

* Loan applications will not be accepted if the contracor is not listed on the Cool Comfort Financing Participating Contractor list.