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Founded in collaboration with several other organizations, Leaders 2020 is a young adult-oriented civic network focused on advancing a more sustainable future for the San Diego region. There are more than a half million 20-30 year olds living the county, and many care deeply about the region's environmental health and economic prosperity. Leaders 2020 gives them a voice in current and long-term regional planning.

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Our Nonprofit Leadership Training Program, powered by BoardNEXT, is an innovative program that bridges the gap between young professionals and nonprofit board service with organizations working on quality of life and sustainability issues. The program prepares emerging leaders for impactful board service and gets them on a path toward a robust civic career.

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Equinox Project Steering Committee

The Steering Committee works in partnership with Equinox Project staff to guide Leaders 2020’s goals and activities. Steering Committee members take part in programming relating to public policy issues, participate in committees and event planning, help develop strategic partnerships and work to engage other young adults.

Meet our Steering Committee members