California Solar Permitting Guidebook

Powered by the SunShot initiative, the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) developed the California Solar Permitting Guidebook to serve as a resource for local governments and permitting agencies to facilitate installation of small solar energy systems. By adopting its recommendations, local governments can reduce permit processing times and increase their output while facilitating local economic development.

View the Guidebook or explore the following resources to learn more.

Permitting Toolkit

The Permitting Toolkit section of the Guidebook offers standardized documents that serve as templates for creating uniform and expedited permitting for small-scale solar in your jurisdiction.

AB 2188 Implementation

California Assembly Bill 2188 requires cities and counties to adopt an expedited solar permitting process and cites the Guidebook as the primary resource for conforming to the new requirements. Discover how AB 2188 impacts solar in your community and access an implementation guide and model ordinance that can be customized for your jurisdiction.  

Workshops & Training

Online and in-person training is available for code officials and solar contractors wanting technical assistance in meeting AB 2188 standards and using the California Solar Permitting Guidebook.

Technical Assistance

Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has in-house code experts that can provide no-cost consultations to jurisdictions and solar contractors who want to understand and implement a streamlined solar permitting process in conformance with the California Solar Permitting Guidebook.