About the Dashboard

The San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard presents a comprehensive view of environmental and economic indicators by combining data collection and analysis with research and outreach strategies aimed at advancing development of intelligent policy in the region.

The first San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard was released in 2010 to shine a spotlight on questions that truly matter to San Diegans. Using 15 environmental and economic indicators, the dashboard measures and benchmarks trends throughout the region tracking a central theme: Is the quality of life improving?

Drawing on strong relationships with environmental groups, government agencies and the business community, we are able to provide a balanced snapshot of the region’s well-being using credible data, clear metrics and ongoing benchmarks. The dashboard tracks our region's progress on critical, interlinking quality-of-life issues and provides examples of where things are working and ideas for how we can improve.

Equinox Project’s set of indicators is intended to be a quick and easily digestible snapshot, not unlike the set of gauges on a car’s dashboard that tell you how well your vehicle is running and when there is a problem. The results support the region’s leaders, including policymakers, community groups and businesses, in tackling these and other issues.

Quality of life indicators include: Air Quality, Border Region, Climate Action, Economic Prosperity, Electric Vehicles, Energy, Housing, Land Use, Transportation, Waste, Water.

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