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Experience Electric – The Better Ride Campaign

In the San Francisco Bay Area, transportation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. To alleviate this situation and help achieve cleaner air, the Experience Electric – The Better Ride promotional campaign aims to build awareness, action and demand for plug-in electric vehicles. During 2014, CSE and its partners will conduct numerous ride and drive events in locations throughout the Bay Area, focusing on workplace settings, urban areas and local neighborhoods.

The campaign makes extensive use of word-of-mouth and social media marketing as well as other traditional advertising and media outlets.

The goals of the campaign are to

  • Provide an opportunity for the public to drive and experience the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Persuade Bay Area drivers to buy or lease an EV or use EVs when there is a choice
  • Promote the Bay Area uniqueness as a center for green technology advancement
  • Motivate individuals to change their behaviors  in order to reduce GHG emissions

Visit the Experience Electric website to learn more about future test-drive events and join in the online EV conversation at and Twitter @TheBetterRide.


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