Plug-in Electric Vehicles Resources for Electrical Contractors in San Diego

An outline of resources, classes, and trainings available to electrical contractors interested in electric vehicle supply equipment installation.

  August 2013

Distributed Generation Solar in California Report

Framework for policy and regulatory oversight in the post-California Solar Initiative era.

  July 2013

Water Budget Billing In San Diego – Is It Worth It?

This paper explains water budget billing, its pros and cons, the history in the San Diego Region and recommendations for the future.

  July 2013

Shirley Fenile Home Energy Efficiency Case Study

The Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade project and associated upgrades have transformed Shirley's vintage 1920s house to the standards of today.

  July 2013

SEEDS Residential PV Market Characterization Presentation

Solar Energy Evolution and Diffusion Studies (SEEDS) presentation on solar PV market growth, characteristics and motivations.

  June 2013

HVAC Permit Compliance & Financing Pilots Program

CSE is working with Los Angeles County officials to improve reporting through an HVAC Permit Compliance and Financing Pilot program funded by the California Energy Commission.

  June 2013

Response Addressing the California Solar Initiative Program Sunset

CSE's Response to Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Petition to Modify Decisions 10‐09‐046, 07‐11‐045 and 08‐10‐036 to address the California Solar Initiative Program Sunset.

  May 2013

Response to Petition Establishing the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program to Provide Solar Water Heating Incentives

Response to Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Petition to Modify Decision 10‐01‐022 establishing the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program to provide residential solar water heating incentives. Response is in general support.

  May 2013

Joint Implementation Plan of CSE, PG&E, and SoCalGas to Incorporate Solar Heating Pool Systems into the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program

Joint plan proposing implementation of a solar pool heating system incentive program.

  May 2013

California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Driver Survey Results

In an effort to better understand the dynamics of California’s growing plug-in electric vehicle market, CSE, in coordination with the Air Resources Board, conducted a survey of vehicle owners that explores vehicle satisfaction, driving behavior, use of charging infrastructure, motivations for vehicle purchase and household demographics.

  May 2013