SunShot Initiative - Solar Market Pathways

Expanding Solar Access within the Multitenant Building Sector

CSE is driving the Virtual Net Metering Market Development Project to help advance solar deployment in the multifamily building sector, and provide access to tenants in California and across the United States. The three-year project is rooted in expanding the awareness, effectiveness and use of virtual net energy metering (VNEM) in California, and beyond, as part of fifteen other Solar Market Pathways projects funded by the Department of Energy SunShot Initiative.

The main objective is to identify obstacles and opportunities associated with the currently underutilized NEM-V tariff* to overcome the challenges of expanding photovoltaic (PV) adoption beyond traditional commercial and single-family rooftop systems for solar markets throughout California and elsewhere.

The program taps into the expertise of solar professionals, utility representatives, policymakers, multitenant and multimetered building owners, and other relevant contributors in California and beyond. Multifamily resources, case studies, and Market Development Plans will be established as a result of this project, and the lessons learned will be disseminated nationwide. These findings will bring value for existing community and shared solar programs throughout the country, but also to emerging markets seeking to develop a successful shared solar program in the future. 

*A NEM-V tariff is a special utility billing arrangement allowing energy generation credits from a single solar system to be shared virtually among multiple tenant accounts.