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Self-Generation Incentive Program Offers Rebates for Clean Energy Projects in San Diego County

The SGIP is a statewide initiative of the California Public Utilities Commission ( CPUC) designed to promote power generation by utility customers. Its purpose is to help achieve state energy goals of generating one-third of California’s electricity from renewable sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

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CCSE Supports Hotel Energy System

Historic Lafayette Hotel installs highly efficient fuel cell

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Energy Commission Award to Advance Regional Energy Innovation

The California Energy Commission has awarded a five-year, $5 million grant to fund the San Diego Regional Energy Innovation Cluster, a nine-member partnership among regional business organizations and academic institutions that will connect entrepreneurs in S

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CSE Establishes New Northeast Regional Office in Cambridge, Mass

CSE has opened a Northeast regional office in Cambridge, Mass., to broaden its efforts to help government agencies, utilities, businesses and residents throughout the region plan and achieve higher sustainable energy and efficiency goals.

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Water District Invests in Clean Power Generation

Residents in a large section of San Diego North County are now drinking water treated by 100% clean energy thanks to an innovative power system recently installed by the Olivenhain Municipal Water District (OMWD) that transforms water pressure into electricity.

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Low-Income Solar Program Concludes in San Diego

MASH program brought 2.6 MW of solar & $10 million in rebates               

The final project in a program that has provided 2.6 megawatts of clean solar power to low-income San Diegans was dedicated during ceremonies at the Townspeople Apartments in Normal Heights on Wednesday, Nov. 20.

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Take Charge of Your Energy with On-Site Power

Self-generation systems offer sizable utility cost savings

With high and rising electricity prices in San Diego County, many local businesses are turning to distributed energy generation to help lower utility costs while greening their facilities and reducing their carbon footprint.

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Workshop Explores Energy Storage for Business & Government

The financial advantages and energy savings of electrical battery storage for businesses, government agencies and industrial operations will be examined during a free half-day workshop sponsored by the CSE on Thursday, Nov. 20.

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CSI-Thermal Rebates to Include Solar Pool Heating Systems

Owners and operators of community and other types of public swimming pools soon will be able to take advantage of rebates for installing solar pool heaters under a new portion of the California Solar Initiative-Thermal Program.

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Advanced Energy Strategy Pays Off for Historic Lafayette Hotel

When Old Buildings Go High Tech                          

Originally published in the San Diego Business Journal March edition of “Sustainable San Diego”