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Energy Upgrade California: Choose Retail Solutions to Stay Golden

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Submitted by Mitch Moore on April 15 2015
Save today and support California’s golden energy and water future

Feeling overwhelmed by all the news about energy and water usage and where you fit in? The last time you shopped at a store for an energy-efficient appliance or light bulb was it difficult to choose the right product or understand the potential energy savings? Is your business or home too cold or too hot? Need financing options, rebates or a competent contractor for your project? Energy Upgrade California® is here to the rescue!

Helping you save all around

Energy Upgrade California is your partner to save time, energy and money, and understand and manage your energy and water use so you can make the most efficient energy management choices at home and at work. Here’s the best part — you’re already part of it as consumers and retailers!

See what’s new and fun, find special savings and rebates, learn about water savings, home energy improvements and see all the latest news and events. Sign up for an action plan to get started today. Whether you’re an individual who wants to check out energy efficiency or build your dream house, or a retailer who wants to help your customers with energy management products, we’re here for you.

Look for us at retail stores

As a consumer, there’s plenty waiting for you in the store. Take for example if you want to buy a washing machine. Aside from the color, what’s the best performing model to buy to save energy and water? You can find Energy Upgrade California Brand Ambassadors at La Curacao, Fry’s Electronics, Cole Hardware, Dixieline Lumber & Home Centers and Orchard Supply Hardware and in selected Lowe’s, Best Buy and The Home Depot.

And, if you’re a retailer who wants to create a better customer experience and gain customer loyalty for energy efficient products, there’s no better partner you could have than our team in your store. Our energy ambassadors are your customers’ guides for product options. We can explain the ENERGY STAR and Most Efficient labels, tell about rebates from local utilities and give tips on how and when to use new product to maximize energy efficiency, make it last longer and help your customers form lifetime habits to save energy and water.

Home, habits & home upgrades

We all have financial considerations we take into account when we use energy and water. And we all want to live and work in comfortable, cozy homes and places of work. Did you know you may be eligible to receive a climate credit for your home or business? And, there are multifamily programs to provide technical assistance and no-cost or low-cost programs to help conserve your energy and water and save on utility bills. Energy Upgrade California can explain the Home Upgrade Program to lower your energy bills and maximize your energy efficiency. There are lots of energy saving habits we can show you and help you save hundreds of dollars a year.

From choosing kitchen and bath appliances and learning how to use them efficiently to using water wisely, Energy Upgrade California is a lifetime partner. And, for any retailers interested in having Energy Upgrade California in your store, please feel free to contact us.

Together, we’ll reduce the amount of energy and water California uses and help our beautiful state Stay Golden!

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