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What is the Center for Sustainable Energy?

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Submitted by Len Hering on September 24 2015
In recent years, we’ve broadened our scope

Recently, we dropped the “California” from our name to become the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE). It’s not because we are doing anything less in California, but instead it reflects the fact that we are doing work in other states – and plan on being even more engaged in clean energy not only statewide, but throughout the nation.

We’re on a mission: Accelerating the transition to a sustainable world powered by clean energy. We do this primarily by creating and managing energy market development programs and serving as an implementation partner for public agencies and government entities. CSE is the only nonutility administrator of energy ratepayer-funded programs in California and the only third-party statewide administrators of zero-emission vehicle programs in the nation. We’ve administered more than $400 million in funding for sustainable energy programs and served over 200,000 consumers, businesses and government agencies.

A somewhat unique nonprofit organization, CSE operates across the clean energy spectrum, from boots-on-the-ground applications and market development to stakeholder engagement and policy guidance. We have a reputation as a trusted, convening organization, whose results-oriented approach brings the right people to the table and provides knowledge and confidence to end users to drive adoption of sustainable energy technologies.

Consider some of the things CSE has done within the past year:

  • Selected as administrator for Massachusetts’ first electric vehicle rebate program
  • Developed solar electricity feasibility study for Bay Area Rapid Transit facilities
  • Selected by San Diego and Long Beach ports to help implement sustainable energy efforts
  • Partnered with LA Economic Development Corporation to develop regional alternative fuel centers
  • Awarded San Francisco Bay Area electric vehicle adoption program and social media campaign
  • Created partnership with national training organization providing energy code training for California contractors
  • Developed a local government webinar platform to share barrier reduction and sustainable energy adoption successes

CSE grew out of the San Diego Regional Energy Office, launched in 1996 as a first-of-its-kind regional, nongovernmental, nonutility entity coordinating local actions around energy efficiency and sustainability. Our work has been founded on linking together industries, stakeholders, government partners and consumers in a collaborative and regionally based approach that is fundamentally different from utilities' business models.

We support growth of local government energy partnerships and regional renewable energy networks across the U.S. that will help meet local, statewide and national renewable energy goals and provide greater choice in the marketplace.

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