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Seven Reasons to Like California’s New Rooftop Solar Mandate

The California Energy Commission’s recent decision to require rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on most new homes has engendered praise from some quarters and criticism from others.

Equinox Project Assesses Traffic in San Diego County

A major concern for San Diegans is traffic. No one likes to sit in their car stalled on the freeway. It takes away from being with friends and family, causes unneeded stress and can even affect our health. After all, didn’t many of us move to San Diego so that we didn’t have to drive in L.A. or Orange counties?

Equinox Project Assesses Waste Disposal in San Diego County

The average San Diegan disposes of 5.5 pounds of trash per day, which does not include what goes into the recycle or green waste bin. How does that compare to other regions? San Diego continues to dispose of more waste per capita than the state average at 4.9 pounds of trash per person per day and more than other major urban California counties, including Los Angeles.

Community Solar in California: A Missed Opportunity

Although California far exceeds all other states in solar electric capacity, it’s falling short in efforts to support community solar programs that can make accessing solar more equitable and allow distributed solar systems to better support the electricity grid.

Helping Energy Efficiency Programs Serve Latino Homeowners

Energy efficiency is personal. This is especially true for home improvement projects that require significant investments of time, effort and money, such as adding insulation or replacing an old HVAC system.