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Equinox Project: Life in San Diego Region Improving with Room to Grow

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Equinox Project: Life in San Diego Region Improving with Room to Grow

Quality of Life Dashboard rates status of regional sustainability issues

CSE’s Equinox Project has released the 2018 San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard, which assesses top economic and environmental indicators to gauge the region’s progress toward sustainability.

Overall, the data shows life in San Diego communities has improved over the past year, but in some areas issues are floundering and require government and community action. 

In transportation, this year’s dashboard reports that even though more local commuters are using alternative means and slightly fewer are driving alone, the number of unhealthy air quality days increased 48 percent compared to 2016.

Results for energy use show a 2 percent decrease in the average household’s electrical consumption, while the booming solar sector recorded a 36 percent slump in installations and added solar capacity.

Read the complete report, including charts, graphs and ideas for improvement, in an interactive format at the Equinox Project Dashboard.

The dashboard is a nonpartisan report card that tracks 15 indicators from over 30 sources to evaluate livability in the region and help advance informed policymaking. Among all indicators this year, eight have improved, five have regressed and two remain neutral.

Why is it important?

“The quality of life dashboard tracks the region’s progress on critical, interlinking issues and provides examples of where things are working and ideas for how circumstances can improve,” said Lawrence Goldenhersh, CSE president. “The dashboard allows decision-makers, community leaders, businesses and residents to better track and understand changes that affect all of us.”

Equinox Project turns research into action to inform and engage the public to help create more vibrant communities through in-depth research, policy analysis, communications and convenings.