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Home Energy Rating Rebates Ending Sept. 30

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Homeowners in the SDG&E territory have a short time left to take advantage of $400 rebates for home energy ratings.

A rating provides an energy efficiency score for your home as well as a report on where it is using — and potentially wasting — the most energy. Ratings are based on a thorough on-site evaluation of your home, including diagnostic testing, by a certified home energy rater. They are most often used as a way to plan future home energy improvements, although some homeowners use the results as a way to validate improvements already made.

“If you’re thinking about upgrading your HVAC system or installing insulation or double-pane windows, a home energy rating can help you prioritize improvements based on real diagnostic testing,” said Michael Arvizu, a CSE home energy coach. “Our motto is ‘test, don’t guess’ when it comes to investing in your home.”

The Home Energy Rating Rebate program ends on September 30, which means homeowners must make appointments with a participating rater by mid-September. The rater needs enough time after conducting testing to submit the rebate paperwork by the deadline.

The rebate program, funded by the San Diego Regional Energy Partnership, began in 2013 and was so popular additional funds were allocated this year. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of a discounted rebate.