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Sacramento Artist’s Work Drives Electric Vehicle Awareness to the Streets

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Electric vehicle being wrapped with artistic design.

A fleet of 25 brightly colored cars is hitting the streets in Sacramento as part of a campaign to raise awareness of driving electric vehicles (EVs). Currently, more than 10,000 EVs are on the roads in Sacramento County, however, many drivers are unaware of them and the rebates and incentives available for switching to electric driving.

The awareness campaign is supported by the statewide Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), a program sponsored by the California Air Resources Board and administered by CSE. The state’s goal is to have 5 million electric cars by 2030 to significantly reduce greenhouse gas and smog emissions that contribute to climate change and health problems.

“Drivers may not realize the cars they see every day are electric vehicles,” said Jonathan Changus, CVRP program manager at CSE. “We want Sacramento drivers to know that more models and makes of electric vehicles are available than they might think, and that they are more affordable than they may realize.”

Sacramento drivers will see the decorative electric cars on the roads for the next three months.

The cars are wrapped in a design created by Sacramento native Micah Crandall-Bear, an abstract artist whose landscape paintings examine Earth’s intrinsic resources and inspire a deep and effusive connection to nature.

“This project is deeply personal to me as most of my inspiration comes from time I spend in nature,” said Crandall-Bear. “This is a chance for my work to directly impact the awareness of climate change and the importance of reducing carbon emissions.”

CVRP makes it easy to switch to an electric vehicle by offering rebates of up to $5,000 per vehicle, or up to $7,000 for residents with low-to-moderate incomes or living in disadvantaged communities. Various utility, local government, state and federal incentives also are available for electric cars and charging equipment.

According to CVRP, it costs about half as much in fuel costs in California to drive an electric car as it does to drive a gas-powered car, saving hundreds of dollars a year. Other benefits of driving an electric car include single-driver access to carpool lanes, reduced maintenance costs, refueling at home and considerably lower driving costs.

As a high-density area, driving clean in Sacramento also offers direct environmental benefits to the community by reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
Attendees at the Sacramento Auto Show on October 18-20, 2019, will have an opportunity to see one of the CVRP wrapped vehicles up close and receive information on EVs, rebates and more.

October 15 2019
Center for Sustainable Energy