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San Marcos Homeowner Stays Cool, Saves Hundreds Each Month

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Does your air conditioner struggle to keep your home cool? There could be a very good reason.

In Holly Williams' home in San Marcos, it turned out to be leaky ducts. "When it was hot out, the air conditioner would run almost constantly but it did not cool down the house, and the temperature would rarely get down to the thermostat set point," Willams said.

A home energy assessment revealed that air ducts were leaking 51 percent of the cooled air produced by the HVAC system. Her home's shell was also leaky, and the attic didn't have enough insulation. 

Williams called a home performance contractor to replace the ducts, install insulation and conduct whole-house air sealing. The contractor also installed a high-efficiency heat pump to replace the old HVAC system and upgraded a single-speed pool pump to a variable-speed pool pump.

These energy efficiency improvements made a big difference on how much energy was needed to operate her home comfortably. Williams offset the remaining electrical consumption by leasing a solar electric system. She now pays about $300 less per month in energy bills. And because her contractor is participating in Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade, she was able to cash in on a $4,000 rebate.

In addition to the savings, Williams is enjoying a cooler home. "Since the upgrades, comfort has improved tremendously and the entire house stays at the desired temperature," she reported.

To share her experience with neighbors, Williams is opening her home for free, educational tours. Visitors will get to talk with her, the contractor who performed the upgrades and Home Energy Coaches from CSE.

Open for Tours

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