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About Us

Accelerating the transition to a sustainable world powered by clean energy

Who We Are

At the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE), we deliver high-impact sustainable energy programs. As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, our subject matter expertise and on-the-ground experience with a wide variety of sustainable energy solutions make us a trusted partner in meeting ambitious energy goals, saving money and improving the world.

Our Impact

A nonprofit social enterprise, CSE has facilitated 44,000 energy projects for consumers, businesses and governments. Through our market outreach and technical and policy expertise over 130,000 people have been directly served by our programs and CSE has a well-established reputation as a point of statewide and regional coordination among utilities, end-users, industry, regulators and local governments. Today, our reach is expanding nationally.

What We Do

Center for Sustainable Energy is a leader in:

  • Energy Program Management - From capstone projects to regional and nationwide initiatives, CSE has the technical expertise and extensive experience to manage complex sustainable energy programs that span the entire program lifecycle and include a variety of stakeholders and partners.
  • Training and Education - CSE offers hands-on and classroom training and technical certifications for industry professionals and job seekers. For local governments, we help build internal capacity and expertise on energy technologies, financing, policy, and codes and standards. We also conduct workshops and other outreach efforts to help end-users make smart energy choices.
  • Technical Assistance - CSE provides technical assistance to evaluate opportunities for long-term integration of sustainable energy and energy efficiency technologies. We work with schools, ports, airports, transit agencies, businesses, regional governments and planning agencies to develop feasibility analyses, energy audits and energy plans.

Our areas of expertise include clean transportation, distributed generation, building performance, energy efficiency, energy storage and renewable energy. We work with energy policy makers, regulators, federal, state and local governments, utilities, public agencies and business. Together, we are the catalysts for sustainable energy market development and transformation.
For help meeting your energy goals, please contact us.

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