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The Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) works with policymakers, government agencies, utilities, businesses and individuals throughout the state and nationally to drive the adoption of clean energy technologies and practices. Our highly trained energy industry experts in energy efficiency, building performance, clean transportation and advanced energy storage are helping to transform the market in support of sustainable energy goals.

CSE is the only nonutility that administers local and statewide programs for both the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Air Resources Board. Also, our work is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy as part of several nationwide programs addressing barriers to renewable energy adoption. In addition, we have managed utility energy programs for investor-owned and publicly owned utilities throughout California and beyond, providing program design and implementation services.

CSE Energy Transformation Program Experience

Provides financial rebates for residential solar photovoltaic systems the San Bernardino National Forest [more info]

transportationConnecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase RebateConnecticutStatewide pilot program providing dealership education and incentives for zero-emission electric vehicles to increase adoption and meet clean air goals [more info]
Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric VehiclesMassachusettsStatewide program providing outreach, education and incentives for electric vehicles to increase adoption and reduce air pollution emissions [more info]
Clean Vehicle Rebate ProjectCaliforniaIncentivizes purchases of zero-emission vehicles, including electric, plug-in hybrid electric and fuel cell vehicles [more info]
Regional Plug-in Electric Vehicle PlanningSan Diego, CaliforniaDeveloping regionally accepted, comprehensive plug-in electric vehicle readiness plans for San Diego and San Joaquin Valley [more info]

Experience Electric – The Better Ride

San Francisco Bay Area, California

A regional promotional campaign building awareness, action and demand for plug-in electric vehicles in the San Francisco Bay Area [more info]

San Diego Regional Clean Cities CoalitionSan Diego, CaliforniaA federally funded program that brings together stakeholders to increase the use of alternative fuel and alternative fuel vehicles in the region [more info]

California Statewide Alternative Fuel and Fleets Project


A federally funded program to assist cities, fleets, and employers transition to alternative fuel vehicles and install fueling and charging infrastructure [more info]

San Diego International Airport Clean Vehicle Conversion ProgramSan Diego, CaliforniaWorking within San Diego County to accelerate adoption of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and developing industry partnerships [more info]
Clean Cab PartnershipCaliforniaA network of regional transportation stakeholders committed to advancing the use of alternative and clean vehicles by taxi fleets [more info]
Fleet ConsultingSan Diego, CaliforniaWorking within San Diego County to accelerate adoption of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and developing industry partnerships [more info]
Utility Customer Education ProgramSan Diego, CaliforniaConnecting utilities with plug-in electric vehicle drivers [more info]
Battery Pack Standardization StudySan Diego, CaliforniaStudying the standardization of PEV batteries for the purpose of second-life use applications [more info]
Second-Life Battery Project San Diego, CaliforniaFinding uses for electric vehicle batteries after they’ve exceeded their lifetime in a vehicle [more info]
Vehicle-Grid IntegrationInternationalA state-funded program to accelerate adoption of an ISO 15118 standards-based communications platform for integrating plug-in electric vehicle charging with the power grid [more info]
renewablesCalifornia Solar InitiativeSan Diego, CaliforniaProvides rebates for residential and nonresidential solar electric systems [more info]
California Solar Initiative – ThermalSan Diego, CaliforniaRebates for residential and commercial solar water heating and other solar thermal systems [more info]
City of Palo Alto Solar Water Heating ProgramPalo Alto, CaliforniaProvides financial rebates for residential and nonresidential grid-interconnected solar photovoltaic systems in the City of Palo Alto [more info]

Combined Heat and Power: Pacific Region Technical Assistance Partnership

California, Hawaii and Nevada

The U.S. DOE CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships (CHP TAPs) promote and assist in transforming the market for Combined Heat and Power, including waste heat to power and district energy, throughout the U.S. [more info]

Self-Generation Incentive ProgramSan Diego, CaliforniaProvides financial incentives for the installation of a wide range of distributed generation technologies [more info]
Bear Valley Solar Initiative ProgramBear Valley, California
Multifamily Affordable Solar HousingSan Diego, CaliforniaIncentives to offset the costs of solar on multifamily affordable housing buildings [more info]
Pacific Power's California Solar Incentive ProgramNorthern CaliforniaProvides financial rebates for residential and nonresidential grid-interconnected solar photovoltaic systems [more info]
SunShot Initiative – Rooftop Solar ChallengeCaliforniaWorking to rapidly scale up installation of solar energy by reducing nonhardware costs of solar photovoltaics [more info]
SunShot Initiative – Solar Market PathwaysCalifornia and beyondExpanding awareness, effectiveness and use of the virtual net metering tariff and stimulating solar adoption within the multitenant market [more info]
Solar Energy Evolution and Diffusion Studies - SEEDSSan Diego, CaliforniaIncreases solar technology market penetration by developing a predictive model of individual and aggregate solar technology adoption [more info]
buildingsEnergy Upgrade California - Marketing, Education & OutreachCaliforniaStatewide market transformation initiative promoting actions to save energy and conserve natural resources, help reduce grid demand and inform energy management choices [more info]
Energy Upgrade California Home UpgradeSan Diego, CaliforniaEducating and connecting residents with home performance contractors and raters and providing rebates for home energy upgrades [more info]
San Diego Regional Energy PartnershipSan Diego, CaliforniaPromotes the home performance industry, local stakeholder engagement and home energy upgrades [more info]
HVAC Permit Compliance & Financing PilotsSouthern CaliforniaIncreasing HVAC permit compliance, creating best permit practices and establishing an HVAC permit compliance baseline [more info]
City of Chula Vista Sustainable Communities ProgramChula Vista, CaliforniaEducating city staff and the public on green buildings and energy codes [more info]
Port of San Diego Energy Efficiency ActivitiesSan Diego Bay, CaliforniaIncreasing energy efficiency and sustainability in San Diego Unified Port District facilities and among its tenants [more info]




Some of our past programs include


  • Department of Energy Better Buildings Neighborhood Program (2010-13) helped state and local government agencies develop pilot programs to drive demand for home energy upgrades and support a sustainable home performance industry.
  • Southern California Rooftop Solar Challenge (completed 2013): Regional program to rapidly scale up installation of solar energy by reducing nonhardware costs and streamlining and conforming permitting, installation and other processes.
  • San Diego Home Energy Upgrade Program (completed 2013): provided no-cost and low-cost energy upgrades to low- and moderate-income homeowners in the City of San Diego
  • South Orange County Energy Connection (completed 2012): program to engage and educate SDG&E customers about energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption
  • Department of Energy Solar America Cities (completed 2012): developed a map of regional solar adoption, identified barriers to solar deployment, analyzed emerging solar rate structures and supported installation of an advanced solar PV/energy storage system
  • San Diego Energy Resource Center (completed Nov. 2012): nearly 100,000 visitors learned firsthand about sustainable energy topics from 2002 to 2012
  • Airport Vehicle Rebate Program (completed 2012): provided vehicle incentives and rebates to approximately 200 ground transportation providers operating at San Diego Airport to switch to clean or alternative fuel vehicles
  • The Tax-Exempt Customer (completed 2009): provided advice and incentives for energy-efficiency measures proposed under the SDG&E Energy Savings Bid Program
  • Fueling Alternatives Program (completed 2009): pilot program of state rebates for clean technology vehicles with funding from the California Air Resources Board
  • Shade Tree Program (completed 2008): CSE gave away more than 33,500 shade trees throughout San Diego and Orange counties
  • Border Energy Savings Program (completed 2007): identified energy efficiency opportunities and distributed generation projects in the San Diego-Tijuana border region



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