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A carbon-free rail system could “pull” California to clean energy goals

When Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 502 (Leno) into law on August 7, allowing the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) to procure energy directly from eligible renewable energy providers, it not only supported BART's efforts to clean up and modernize its energy portfolio, but also set the stage for expanding transportation sustainability goals statewide.

Policies & technologies critical to the economics of sustainable energy

Recently, CSE and the Climate Action Campaign hosted a Clean Energy Forum for elected officials, senior government staff, industry leaders and community stakeholders to discuss pathways to a clean energy future in the San Diego region.

Combined heat and power can play a much larger role

The transition to a clean energy future does not have just one solution. Rather, a combination of forward-thinking applications using a wide portfolio of efficient energy sources will help create a more sustainable pathway.

Eyewitness to the impacts of global warming

Usually I go on vacation to relax and unwind. Recently, I came back from a cruise more stressed than when I left because of what I witnessed going on with Alaska’s climate. When I left San Diego in mid-May, it was 56 degrees. I expected to land in Anchorage and find seasonal temperatures, but it was 74 degrees. Worse, locals told me the snow had disappeared two weeks earlier.

Transforming markets to tap disadvantaged community resources

To meet Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed 2030 climate and clean energy goals, we need to implement market transformation strategies for increasing the supply of distributed energy resources from all California households and businesses.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s goal to curb oil use by half and generate half of California’s energy from renewable sources by 2030 is laudable. Diversifying our energy sources, however, isn’t just about creating jobs, investing in innovation or slowing climate change. It’s really about keeping our industries, businesses and families safe.

Stage set for greater zero-emission vehicle implementation in California

The California Energy Commission recently funded a series of zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) readiness projects throughout the state.

Supporting BART purchase & delivery of renewable electricity

CSE supports the diversification of transportation technologies focused on air quality improvements and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions — both of which would be accomplished by SB 502. The bill directly supports the Bay Area Rapid Transit District’s (BART’s) ability to operate an even “cleaner and greener” fleet by providing additional renewable energy (RE) procurement options.

Hailing the San Diego County Board of Supervisors!

When travelers hail taxis at San Diego International Airport, they’ll probably ride in a hybrid car because older, internal combustion engine cars are leaving the airport cab fleet.

Save today and support California’s golden energy and water future

Feeling overwhelmed by all the news about energy and water usage and where you fit in? The last time you shopped at a store for an energy-efficient appliance or light bulb was it difficult to choose the right product or understand the potential energy savings?